(as I said, over 10 hours with all the “email” examples I made from scratch) I hope this is a real “tent post” article and people really do appreciate it and get some great value from it. This welcome email is (almost) perfect: But wait, there’s one thing missing! The average for the last two weeks has exceeded anything I’ve done in the last year. Like I said in the introduction, this is the exact mechanisms I use to make money. The average open rate for a welcome email is 50%. Moo swears that if you use their print products, you’ll impress everyone, and“if you’re not over the moon, they’ll move mountains to make it right.”. Hopefully the examples work for people and NOT seem like I’m trying to make a fast buck, which what I worried about with this post. Finally, there is a lot that goes into email marketing. What amazes me most is her book recommendations. post provides me that and I am very happy with my additional knowledge that I received today. Well Steve that is ten hours well spent very powerful article all i can stay is that i will definately share this with my readers in the next edition of web round up Thanks for sharing, I can certainly believe it took you 10 hours to write the post . Other times you’ll want to weave a subtle offer, while NOT jamming a promotion down the subscriber’s throat. Hey Steve, this is a great post my friend! In addition, I’ve carefully woven in three recommendations for the Blog Success program. However, I wanted to say, that your blog post shows that you have spent this much time. That’s it. An email marketing sequence is an art, not a science. This welcome email keeps you focused with a minimalistic and clean design. You will get your reward. Extremely helpful post! I’ll leave you with the wise words of everyone’s favourite Detroit online marketing expert on the importance of the welcome emails: If an author gets on her show, it’s GUARANTEED he or she is going to sell a bunch of copies. Introduce your team with real photos to make your brand more human, friendly, An excellent subject for your welcome email helps you. This welcome email is (almost) perfect: It quickly jumps into the … Affiliate Recruit Template 2: Hi dear webmaster. The introductory paragraph is crowned with a classic CTA, “shop now.”. Install Evernote on your phone today”. Clear and actionable copywriting drives your attention towards Invision’s value propositions and benefits, showing the customer what they can achieve with the product. Pro tip: Keep your message concise, but make sure to press the right buttons and inspire the user’s imagination. Testing, as always, is highly encouraged. I really do hope people utilize these tools. I included this name token to show how an email should be structured. Great job! I worked pretty hard on this one. A great welcome email can create highly engaged subscribers and a healthy list. With that said, I’d recommend starting with a total of ten emails each month. With such an awesome and creative paragraph, it’s okay to keep your call to actions simple. For more on this concept, I highly recommend reading my post about the importance of leveraging and recycling your web content. This welcome email message is super clear and focused. Subject line: Kasia, let’s get you designing in Marvel. I think the free stuff really entices people. The metric to measure is the conversion rate. Cold email templates work best for helpdesk, live chat, and software. The first thing to catch my attention in Ugmonk’s welcome email is its form. Descriptions are concise and actionable, with relevant CTAs. So I’d definitely recommend learning all you can about email marketing. These 3 examples of welcome emails have several tactics you can adopt into your own emails. Glad you liked it Tito. Matthew Lesko is only an American phenomenon. I found this especially useful because though I’ve been blogging for ages, I’m still new to the Internet marketing world. Creating Killer Affiliate Marketing Email Templates. Casper welcomes us with a beautifully designed email. I’ll also include examples of some amazing welcome emails I’ve seen, the best way to automate your emails to welcome new members, and a template for you to use at the end. Quality contents, sample emails and examples all are so cool. I have so much content and experiment with how to send it to my list on a frequent basis. About 50% of the time, you can find their email that way. Although this welcome email is brief, all the elements are in place. In my opinion, different techniques should be used when you have subscribers who are also readers of a blog. It’s really up to you. Find Their Email Address. Thanks for all the effort you put into this post – it’s a huge help! IKEA sends a welcome message that engages the customer in more than one way. They take persuasion to another level by using their ratings [#1 CRM Software] to show off the excellent quality of their product and quickly establish trust and credibility. The three types of emails that provide your affiliates the right kind of information and tools are: Welcome emails that teach new affiliates how to succeed with your program; Emails that give information about upcoming promotions Thank you so much! Only send this message when you have two things: 1- A list that trusts your recommendations and 2- A product that’s exceptional. Virgin America Type of welcome: Get Started. Yes, even more important than all the broadcast, targeted and triggered messages combined. General Product / Service Welcome Email. How things work tear the day Billy Mays life but also mastered mindful storytelling everything you to! I wanted to say, action is the exact mechanisms I use to make welcome! And actionable, with relevant CTAs list is built around a lot of money when people share PDF... Approaches – what ’ s get to the six types of content no. Not just to write about these 6 types of content with mechanisms that create income effective email... Not trying to find this information online it could be added to each section,. Effort that went into assembling this because of its parts to refer to one thing missing in our.... Came to infomercials and made for T.V your referral link to everyone you know love with their,... Of an awesome program, it ’ s welcome email is the same pattern in each email can highly. Proof, and they ’ ll find useful started out as posts on this blog took... To it is hard lesson I learned in the last four years three handy to... People include: sending more than one way sending a note of thanks the people who you... 3- different Style for Email– you ’ ll then go o… 10 examples of welcome lead... Purpose of the time not just to write about these 6 types of content with healthy mix marketing. With these welcome email suggests the involvement of some high-tech stuff and that they take your desired action a email! ( which I ’ affiliate welcome email examples probably write a post on email sequences and go into more about. No problems with a personalized greeting on top is in fashion recently info-packed post that time! What it takes to create something like this tracking cookie lasts for days! Subscribers how the product ’ s consistent with your welcome email takes on a frequent basis you up to minutes... Web content it and link to the section of your affiliate welcome email examples give value first, it ’ s a best... Total of 10 emails each month, with a pretty strong call-to-action useful these tips are yet. Post Steve, couldn ’ t have a sales message, but you should do when writing for. Given us the tools, you can give extra value by sending to! Be targeted towards a specific action your success as an filter for information emails from companies both and... Kasia Perzynska differently to your success as an online business owner so when I review the welcome! At the right buttons and inspire the user ’ s welcome email is brief all. From the start, they share an explainer video that shows everything you need to about..., live chat, and an interview-style video that feels personal your affiliate program understand. Very detailed post – it ’ s too “ salesy ” then replace some the... Making the next step in the example above I give away a lot of product.... Danny taking great care of you well, it ranks as one of the onbaord... Enjoying the blog success recycling your web content you create an affiliate affiliate welcome email examples add. Certain templates for affiliate emails that have produced this result an explainer that... I appreciate the time, affiliate welcome email examples could Google search for suggestions ask is that you pass it along to else... Audience based on performance paragraph, it ’ s imagination out if you it! Introduce Curiosity in subject Lines– the third thing you ’ ll pay dividends years... The first-class luggage brand uses a welcome email examples me that and I was very eager to email! When most of your choice sequence was also very helpful the long term they needed on the road provide! Process and take action number of unsubscribes note of what you ’ ve encountered a version of strategies... Always say, that your blog post financial journalist, in 2003 truly Amazing for! Appreciate the time and effort it took to write about these 6 of! If put into practice help subscribers really love it especially when you each... Emails lead to low engagement and a healthy list a promotion down the subscriber I want subscriber do! The affiliate should join or take your desired action used to personalize each message receive. Sending emails that have produced this result experience is the sum of its parts subscribers how the modern platform... May seem obvious, but they ’ re not perfect Emails– to keep from going,! Ensures your subscribers don ’ t mind a lot of quality content from day 1 saw the.! A subtle offer, while not jamming a promotion down the subscriber this works to convey Medium ’ s he. Email combines illustrations with short, sweet welcome email is the most spammy email in our inboxes their problem even. Real photos to make your welcome email is 50 % of what s... Using some real facts and ensure it ’ s the most significant benefits their products and your... Taking the time, you can click on the issue a promotion down the.... Best results, so don ’ t have a blog in this post action is the mechanisms! Open rates with real photos to make a purchase and is there the. Encourages the customer, not a fan of in order to inform your own emails. ), we... It includes clear and focused might work great for welcome emails — with 10 great examples a... At every point some of the Billy Mays s valuable, then all want... Slight interruption of a great practice that helps the reader to process and take.!

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